Oktoberfest Herbmeister

Herb Schwarz "The Herbmeister" has been an important part of our Oktoberfest event for more than 30 years. You'll always find "The Herbmeister" surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the audience. Email the Herbmeister at herbmeister@oldworld.ws. You can also find The Herbmeister's own website at this link - The HerbMeister

Join the Herbmeister at Oldworlds Oktoberfest Celebration.

The Herbmeister
The Herbmeister
Oktoberfest Herbmeister Oldworld
Oktoberfest Herbmeister Oldworld
Oktoberfest Herbmeister Oldworld

The Herbmeister

Want to know more about the Herbmeister. He was featured in this video last year.

All the best German Beers served, Hofbrau, Spaten, Dunkel, Warsteiner, Bitburger & more

Speed, Agility, Socialable, Beautiful - Oldworld's Shot Girls are something special

We have the best Bratwurst in town, and it's the perfect partner for our German Beers

Just like our Beer, they're imported from Germany, playing great Oom Pah Pah music

It starts with the Parade. It's a great day for the kids to come out, join the parade

Oktoberfest's fun for the family, Kinderfest is great for the kids, come out and Play!

We've got great videos from past Oktoberfest Celebrations, and our shot girls auditions

Fun memories of previous Oktoberfest. We've got 800+ pictures of our Oktoberfest Parties

Oldworld's Oktoberfest Foods are just as good as our Beer selection with the best Brats!!

Oldworld has exciting Dachshund races every Sunday @ 3pm. Food, Drink & Fun for everyone.