Styles of German Rye Bread - Why is Rye Bread so Popular?

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What is it About Rye?

Germans love their breads, and rye bread especially. Bread is an integral part of German cuisine and culture, where bread and butter are favorite breakfast and evening snacks.

Rye has unique qualities not found in wheat. Its ability to withstand damp and drought, flourish regardless of sun or altitude, makes it suitable for the harsher climates, and since the middle ages, has been grown throughout the northern and eastern parts of Europe.

For those who love Rye bread, and that’s a lot of people, the taste of rye bread is simply the best, and it doesn’t hurt that Rye bread lasts longer. Our rye bread is chemical free, and contains no milk, sugar, fat, additives, or preservatives, yet it still can last up to eight days.

Rye bread has notable health benefits when compared to white bread, it's higher in fiber, more dense and has a stronger flavor than breads made with just wheat flour. Our rye breads are a good source of protein, calcium, iron and potassium when compared to wheat bread. Our rye breads are high in lysine, low in gluten and very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Zinc, Copper and Selenium, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber and Manganese.

If nothing else - the health benefits of rye make a good case, but it's the flavor that makes people fall in love with rye bread.

Rye bread, including pumpernickel, is a widely eaten food in Northern and Eastern Europe. Rye is also used to make the familiar crisp bread.

Rye flour is made from milling the berries of the rye plant, which is a cereal grain mixed with milled wheat. Whole grain rye flour contains the bran, or hard outer shell of the rye berry, and the germ, or inside part of the berry. Whole grain rye flour is often called dark rye, whereas light rye does not include the bran part of the rye berries.

It seems like Germany has a lot of rules, the purity laws for brewing Beer are known throughout the world, but they also have rules to govern how their breads are made.

Our master baker follows the traditional German laws of bread making. In Germany, it’s illegal to use bleached flour, and we don’t. The rules dictate the basic bread ingredients and how it’s made. Our bread includes the same basic ingredients, rye flour, wheat flour, baker’s yeast, water, salt and a sour.

Old World bakery follows the practice, used from the earliest days of bread making, invented by the Egyptians 4500 years ago, where we include a small batch of sour, mixed dough left over from one bake to the next. The French refer to it as ‘Pate Fermente’, similar to a starter, but since its mixed dough, it contains salt. These left over pieces of dough help to leaven fresh bread, and we rely on the natural sour culture to flavor our breads.

We use a combination of rye and wheat flour in our bread. We don’t bake with 100% rye flour bread as both the taste and texture would be too strong. The rye / wheat flour combination helps to lighten and refine the loaf of bread.

The unique character that differentiates one rye bread from another in part comes from the ratio of rye to wheat flour in the dough. To be called rye bread it must contain between 90% - 100% rye flour. In addition, the size and shape of the bread can impart its own character to the bread.

Germans have always had a passion for rye, and when you taste our rye breads you’ll begin to understand why. If you want a taste of Old Germany, you should try Old World German Bread, freshly baked each day, the breads are moist, dense, with a malty, slightly sour taste. We now make our breads available to order online so even you never have to be without. Our breads can be frozen once you receive them if you want to buy more than you need right now.

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