Oktoberfest Shot Girls

2018 Shot Girl Auditions VIEW CALENDER

When: Wednesday, August 15 & 22, 2018 (6pm - 9pm)
Where: Old World German Restaurant

We're looking for friendly, outgoing personalities for a seasonal position as an Oktoberfest Promo Girl and Shot Hostess! *Must be 21+ w/Valid ID

Submit Resume To: info@oldworld.ws
Or Ask For Cyndie: 714-895-8020

Bring your I.D. Tell ALL your friends!

Meet the applicants and have a chance to see all the possible 2018 Hostesses!
Bar is open to the public.

Our Shot Girls are an essential part of making your Oktoberfest a fun time...

Serving drinks!

Laughing with you!

Making Oktoberfest fun!

Oktoberfest Sept. 9 thru Oct. 28, 2018

Old World's Oktoberfest is now entering its 40th year and we look forward to making this the best party yet. Every year our Shot Girls make our Oktoberfest celebrations something special. You'll get served quickly, they love to be social, and it doesn't hurt that they're beautiful. Oktoberfest Opening Day is September 9th 2018.

Hang out with the Oktoberfest Girls!

Speed, Agility, Sociable, Beautiful - Old World's Shot Girls are something special.

Oktoberfest Shot Girls Photos. Here's the first of many with our beautiful Shot Girls visiting lots of places around town, our opening day & our Beerfest. You'll find lots of other great pictures at our Oktoberfest Photo Gallery Page.

The Audition Videos

Our Shot Girls are an essential part of making your Oktoberfest a fun time. We're looking for social, fast, friendly ladies, who love attention - You'll get a lot of it! Here's what we do to find these stars!

2008 Auditions I

2008 Auditions II

2009 Auditions

2010 Auditions

Speed, Agility, Socialable, Beautiful - Oldworld's Shot Girls are something special

We have the best Bratwurst in town, and it's the perfect partner for our German Beers

Just like our Beer, they're imported from Germany, playing great Oom Pah music

It starts with the Parade. It's a great day for the kids to come out, join the parade

Oktoberfest's fun for the family, Kinderfest is great for the kids, come out and Play!

We've got great videos from past Oktoberfest Celebrations, and our shot girls auditions

Fun memories of previous Oktoberfest. We've got 800+ pictures of our Oktoberfest Parties

Oldworld's Oktoberfest Foods are just as good as our Beer selection with the best Brats!!

Old World has exciting Dachshund races every Sunday @ 3pm. Food, Drink & Fun for everyone.