Oktoberfest Bands at Old World

People love Old Worlds Oktoberfest cause of the Bands and this year its going to be even better

Our German Bands are the highlight of our Oktoberfest celebration. We're always on the lookout for the best and most entertaining bands in Europe and this year we've been even lucky enough to find 4 great bands to entertain you this Oktoberfest.

We bring our traditional Oom Pah bands from Germany, to give you the most authentic, fun time you'll have at Oktoberfest anywhere. Bands and music are as much a part of Oktoberfest as the Beer and Girls, they keep the festivities going and get us singing those wonderful German drinking songs.

Here's Great German Oom Pah Pah music from our Oktoberfest


Old World Oktoberfest

Schwaubapower has played at Old Worlds Oktoberfest a number of times. Direct From Germany, Martin and his band play a great set of traditional German Music, & they're great entertainers - Their YMCA was a huge hit


Old World Oktoberfest

Great German Oom Pa Pah music and great entertainment


Old World Oktoberfest

Great German Oom Pa Pah music and great entertainment


Old World Oktoberfest

Sweet Home Chicago German Style

German brewers observe strict compliance with the Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law) and the guarantee that in Germany only good, healthy beers will be brewed. All the best German Beers, Spaten, Hofbrau, Warsteiner, Bitburger & more..

The events kick off with the traditional parade through Bella Terra, and arriving at OldWorld's Festival Hall. A great time for the whole family, the parade marks the start to Oldworlds Oktoberfest celebrations. Come join the fun Sep 9th

They're some of the best looking, fastest serving, most social shot girls in the county. If you're interested in becoming a shot girl here's a few pictures of our previous superstars, having a good time, socializing, and making friends

All the best German Beers served, Hofbrau, Spaten, Dunkel, Warsteiner, Bitburger & more

Speed, Agility, Socialable, Beautiful - Oldworld's Shot Girls are something special

We have the best Bratwurst in town, and it's the perfect partner for our German Beers

Just like our Beer, they're imported from Germany, playing great Oom Pah Pah music

It starts with the Parade. It's a great day for the kids to come out, join the parade

Oktoberfest's fun for the family, Kinderfest is great for the kids, come out and Play!

We've got great videos from past Oktoberfest Celebrations, and our shot girls auditions

Fun memories of previous Oktoberfest. We've got 800+ pictures of our Oktoberfest Parties

OldWorld's Oktoberfest Foods are just as good as our Beer selection with the best Brats!!

OldWorld has exciting Dachshund races every Sunday @ 3pm. Food, Drink & Fun for everyone.