World Cup Germany vs Ghana Crowd Reaction

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Watch the Video and You’ll See Why

I know you’ve got that big screen TV at home and you probably think it’s no different than going to a bar to watch the same game live, but I’m sorry, I beg to differ. The Germany vs Ghana game was one of the most exciting games we’ve seen this world cup (That was until the USA vs Portugal game). Although the first half wasn’t that great, the 2nd half made up for everything to that point.

It was exciting when Germany scored that first goal, but it seemed like the celebration was still going on when Ghana came back to equalize the game and then minutes later to take the lead.

So imagine sitting in the bar with 700+ German fans (I’m sure there were some Ghana fans, but they were just quiet) who are sitting on the edge of their seats, hardly believing this was possible. After the resounding victory we’d given Portugal in the opener, this game should have been a more formality. Was it possible the ‘Group of Death’ could live up to it’s reputation.

You could feel the tension in the air, with everyone begging, pleading, praying that something would change.

Corner kicks are exciting as the anticipation builds. Even more so than free kicks outside the penalty area, the corner kicks are often where things can change as┬áso many times goals have come from the corners. When Miroslav Klose gets the faintest of touches to bag the credit for the equaliser, the crowd reaction at Old World was amazing. Watch the video and you’ll understand what I mean.

When the USA went ahead in USA vs Portugal, there was a similar crowd reaction. Watch till you see the pictures and videos from that game….coming soon.

Now get ready for our own dream match up, Germany vs USA on Thursday 26th at 9am. With everything on the line, this is shaping up to be the most anticipated match up, especially at Old World. So come and enjoy our breakfast buffet and the most intense crowd reaction to any game this year.

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